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Dr. Paula Marfil-Marfil, Owner and Medical Sub-director of Fakih Hospital, is recognized worldwide expert in the field of Anti-Aging Medicine and Integrative Brain Balance. Dr. Paula Marfil-Marfil is one of a select group of doctors who have double degree in Medical Neuro-Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Anti-Aging Medicine from the most prestigious Hospitals of Europe and USA  leading her practice for the treatment of your health from inside to outside to maximize your vitality and beauty.


Dr. Paula Martin-Marfil stayed abroad with world-renowned doctors doing various fellowship in Neuro-Imaging (New York; USA), Anti-Aging Medicine (Madrid; Spain), Anti-Aging Medicine & Integrative Brain Balance (Costa Mesa, California; USA) & Anti-Aging Medicine & Precision Medicine (New York; USA).


She is devoted to furthering the field of Anti-aging Medicine. She has authored or co-authored several papers and scientific manuscripts in her field. Regardless of what treatment you are interested in receiving, your first step will be a private Anti-Aging Medicine & Integrative Brain Balance consultation with Dr. Paula Martin-Marfil.  She is the inventor of Vitamindrip® BoosterHeal


During this initial one-on-one session, Dr. Paula Martin-Marfil will take the time to understand your concerns and learn what aspects of your body you most want to address. What makes a consultation with Dr. Paula Martin-Marfil truly unique is that she focus on you to become the best version of yourself and slow down the aging process.

‘‘Anti-Aging Medicine is my passion. Lifestyle is affecting our body and mental health and is accelerating the process of aging. It is now important to take care of your future with the medicine of the future. We have the most private hospital attention for our patient, attending them in a familiar hospital ambient. It is my pleasure to diagnose and help you live healthier in this world.

Antiaging Medicine : Feel your best at any age  

Anti-aging medicine is a clinical specialty is founded on the application of advanced scientific and medical technologies for the early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related dysfunction, disorders, and diseases. It is the medicine of the "4 P's": Preventive, Proactive, Predictive and Personalized. It includes personalized protocols of health optimization with regenerative medicine, gene therapy and oxidative stress, nutritional supplementation with vitamins, metabolic and hormonal balance, exercise, nutrition, behavioral and emotional health, detox, longitudinal control biomarkers & new technologies to become the best version of yourself and slow down the aging process.

Dr. Nabil Fakih Facial Makeover Surgery

Anti-Aging Medicine

With the aim of increasing both the quality and life expectancy Preventive Medicine Anti-aging was born. It optimizes age-related biomarkers and prevents diseases associated with aging by restoring the metabolic and endocrine balance to your body.

Pre / Post Surgical Program

Faster and safer postoperative recovery with custom protocols with patient and the type of intervention. The aim is to prepare the body for the stress of surgery, reinforcing, with a subsequent comprehensive monitoring focused on cell reconstruction, achieving a decrease in recovery time.

Nutrition & Metabolism

Personalize your diet with genetics. The way we eat, how our bodies process food, and our resulting health are related to our genetics. Using your own genetic code, we determine the best diet for you to maintain your optimal metabolism, lose weight and improve your health.

Male Hormonal Optimization

For many years medicine has recognized the benefits for health to replace the hormones that decline with aging. Optimize testosterone levels, for example, has positive effects on the cardiovascular system, improves libido, vitality, energy, sense of well being, muscle mass, strength and decreases body fat.

Female Hormonal Optimization

Decreased quality of life over the years is due to the decline of our hormones which starts at age of 30-35 years. Restoring proper hormonal balance restores the molecular balance of our body. Optimizing the levels of female hormones has a positive effects on the cardiovascular system, bones, sexual life, smoothness of the skin, emotional, sleep, cognitive ability and mood.

Integrative Brain Balance

There does not necessarily have to be something “wrong” with you in order for you to benefit from better brain health. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of a clearer, sharper mind and the effects it has on the rest of the body. As G. Bernard Shaw said “Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”

‘' We treat from inside to outside seeking an integral evidence based medicine with the outmost care and profesionalism ’'

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