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Training Fellowship for Residents & Specialist 

Fakih Hospital | European Center for Plastic Surgery offers an opportunity for one-year fellowships and clinical instructorships in Facial Plastic Surgery after a selection criteria and match. Also we offer observership fellowship from 1 month to 3 months in Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Facial Medicine. My philosophy based on “I will reverence my master who taught me the art and I will teach others my art and I will impart all my acquirement, instructions, and whatever I know, to my master's children, as to my own; and likewise to all my pupils, who shall bind and tie themselves by a professional oath, but to none else.

Need more information? 

Many junior doctors from all over the world apply for our Hands-On Fellowship Program in Facial Plastic Surgery certified by the Spanish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery. If you are interested, then please make sure to keep the deadlines in mind and to contact us.


You are advised to read the information on the website carefully, in order to get a clear idea and prevent disappointment in the process. For more information on our fellowships, contact us.

Hands-On Fellowship Training Program in Facial Plastic Surgery | Fakih Hospital | European Center for Plastic Surgery | Dr. Nabil Fakih

Knowledge is wisdom, and to teach someone is art. My surgical experience worldwide have taught me the exact way to share.

My philosophy is to offer an international “state of the art” learning on the subject of Facial Plastic Surgery with beneficial time-cost-experience. The main goal to expose the fellow to all aspects of Facial Plastic Surgery and provide the fellow with interactive, one-to-one teaching with a  flexible program aimed at a maximal amount of exposure with hands-on fellowship. All patients are treated exclusively by Dr. Nabil Fakih.


• Resident / Specialist in Maxillo-Facial, Otolaryngology & Plastic Surgery

• Must be a member in SECPF; AAFPRS; EACMF; EAFPS

• Must be medical doctor (MD)


• Hands-on Fellowship

• Beneficial time-cost-experience


• Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery

• Facial Plastic Surgery

• Aesthetic Medicine


• Length : 1 Year

• Length : 1 month - 3months

Fellowship Training Program

Everything began when I started to fly in search of learning, and my surgical experience worldwide have taught me the exact way to share this knowledge in facial plastic surgery, helping others reach their goal which is nothing more than learn and learn. With this philosophy and in order to channel the growing surgical interest in the face, we have created the NF Hands-On Fellowship Program which aims to achieve and maintain the highest international standards in both theory and practice of facial plastic surgery. The fellowship program is offered by the Spanish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery and can be applied in the website of the society www.secpf.org.


Applications must be doctors, and can be made by residents or by freshly qualified consultants. A background in Cranio-Maxillo-Facial, Otolaryngology or Plastic Surgery is considered to be highly preferable, since the fellowship will only be useful if you can build on an already thorough knowledge of both theoretical and practical facial plastic surgery principles. In this way the fellow will be able to focus on the subject matters in a most efficient manner and, as a result, drastically shortening his or her learning curve.The fellowship offers hands-on experience with scrubbing. The fellowship is supported by the Spanish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery which issues the certificate and guarantee the fellowship program.


The Goal 

The primary educational goal of the Hands-On Fellowship Program is to consistently educate and train physicians broadly in the art and science of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as to develop a competent and responsible facial plastic surgeon with high moral and ethical character capable of functioning as an independent surgeon. Secondary goals include development of the spirit of inquiry, scholarship, community service, and lifelong learning. The Didactic Curriculum of the Program provides systematic coverage of all core topics in facial plastic surgery and includes interpretation of the plastic surgery literature. This is achieved by weekly teaching conferences, reading assignments, journal club, and preparing medical articles.


The development and maintenance of positive and appropriate relationships with faculty, patients, hospital and office personnel is emphasized. The fellow undergo 360 degree evaluations in an effort to obtain the highest levels of performance in the areas of professionalism, interpersonal and communication skills, system-based practice, practice based learning, and patient care.

‘‘ Sharing will enrich everyone with more knowledge ”

‘‘ If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it ”

‘‘ An investment in Knowledge always pays the best interest ”

Location and Duration 

The fellowship offers an opportunity for one-year fellowships and clinical instructorships in Facial Plastic Surgery after a selection criteria and match. Also we offer observership fellowship from 1 month to 3 months in Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Facial Medicine. The fellowship will help and learn from Dr. Nabil Fakih in all his cases in Fakih Hospital in Dr. Nabil Fakih’s Clinic in Khaizaran (South Lebanon), but also in Beirut (Capital city of Lebanon) every Thursday. In collaboration with NF Associates we can facilitate the connection for a worldwide fellowship experience (Lebanon, Spain, USA, Belgium, Mexico) during the fellowship period in order to complement your training program. Also in non-interesting surgical days the fellow can attend Dr. Nabil Fakih associate in Lebanon to learn from them.  The deadline for applications should be send from 1 year before (1 may).  


Transport and accommodation 

International Fellows will be provided with all accommodation where will be helped in getting affordable accommodation in a furnished apartment or Hotels during the course of the fellowship. The fellow will not receive a salary, but due to the official endorsement of the Spanish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery prospective fellows can apply from there website for certification if She/He has passed all conditions of the Spanish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery.


Official clearance 

Once accepted into the program, the fellow will have to provide us with the following before the start of the fellowship:

• Signed copy of English translation of medical qualification. Spanish, english or french medical qualification do not proceed to translation.

• Certified copy of your passport

• Recent hepatitis-B immune status (max. 3 months ago)

• Results of recent MRSA nose and throat swap (max. 1 month ago)

• General Analysis exam with infection diseases analysis (HIV)

• Certificate of your department residency to attend the fellowship

• Completed Application

• Curriculum Vitae (CV)

• Future plan statement which should include your future goals, intentions, and why have chosen facial plastic surgery.

• 2 Letter of reference (1 must be from the department chair) (Not obligatory, but recommendable) 

Once arrived at Fakih Hospital, the fellow will have to be tested for TBC and MRSA status. After that you will be able to join in with the surgeries and scrub.



Each fellow is responsible for obtaining the appropriate visa needed. If the request for a visa is rejected, the right for joining the fellowship is automatically revoked. Dr. Nabil Fakih and Fakih Hospital can not be held responsible for fellows not able to obtain their visa. Please be aware that residents of some countries are required to leave after a period of three months for a minimum of 90 days, before they can come back to do a second period of three months. All this issue must be figured in your country with the embassy of Lebanon. Please make sure to check if this is applicable to you before you come over, in order to prevent disappointment along the way. Booking Concord Travel Agency can help candidates with VISA Issue and organization of their trip to Lebanon, accommodation and transport. Email: sales@concordtravel.com.lb


The fellowships is furthermore supported by: 

• Sociedad Española de Cirugia Plastica Facial (Spanish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery).

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